Welcome to our community!
We are a group of variety gamers, programmers and other skillsets,
sharing experience and fun. Everyone is welcome that has questions
or wants to be part of our little hang out.
Feel free to hop in our discord and introduce yourself!

Recent Activity

Downtime and Security
We recently experienced a SYN attack on our server,
since then we decided to get extra security for this.
We also informed the authorities and involved ISP's,
they isolated the threat and will be taking legal actions.


Discord is our way of communicating
Click here to join us!

Games we play...

Tech Savy

Rich environment with tech savy members
We have numerous members that have a fast experience in a multitude of branches.
If you are new or just started out, this place would be useful for questions.
Be adviced that these members help in their own spare time, so be patient and respectful.

  • .NET
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Reverse Engineering
  • And many more....


Our Streamers
Streaming at denniswestra

hostname: dennis.lethal.click:25565

Community Servers

Game servers maintained by members
If you like to play with us, please join our discord so we can get you sorted.
Ark Survival Evolved